Wonderfunnel™ is a new patent pending product that takes funneling to the next level! With interchangeable tip components it can be used as a regular funnel, hose funnel, barrel funnel, or Secure Lid™ funnel. Wonderfunnel™ comes in two sizes.

  • First is the large 10" funnel. Use it when transferring large amounts of fluids between larger containers. Recommended for 5 gallon to 55 gallon containers. Used with Barrel Adapter makes funneling into drums and barrels espescially easy!
  • Second is the 6" funnel. Use this size for quart to 5 gallon containers. Used with provided Secure Lids™ this funnel is great for cooking oil bottles, bleach bottles anti-freeze jugs, and much more.

Mechanic/Oil Change Funnels

Food Grade Funnels

General Purpose Funnels

Filter Nets